About the Band

We love the vast repertoire of Eastern European and Central European music that inspires Klezmer musicians, but we also are entranced by the inventive improvisations of Jewish musicians jamming with early jazz and blues musicians, resulting in early Jazz era music that is still relevant today.  So we could, if pressed, describe our sound as “early jazz age/European cafe/eclectic Klezmer/Yiddish theater.  Our repertoire, played by our five piece acoustic band consisting of vocals, guitar, accordion, violin, viola, clarinet, and in some songs, trumpet,includes American Jazz Age songs, songs from Yiddish theater of New York in the 1920’s (a precursor to modern Broadway musicals), songs from Eastern Europe, songs of Moorish/Ladino Spain, and Edith Piaf and other French artists.   Our vocalist sings in  English, Yiddish, French, and Ladino.  We like to say, imagine a small nightclub in Budapest in 1938 with an international audience, and that is what you might hear when you encounter Yiddish Republik.  Our music is great to listen and to dance to. Come check out our shows the next time you are in beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.