What good is a website about a band if there isn’t any musik to listen to? Here we give a little taste of what we sound like. Naturally all musik is better live, but since we can’t get to your house right now, give a listen, first to some studio tunes:

Vos Geven iz Geven – one of the most beautiful songs, musically and lyrically, to come out of the Yiddish theater, this is a lament to things in life that were, but are no more.
Abi Gezunt – classic Yiddish theater song, with a simple message: if you have health, you have everything.
Erevan Valse – a lovely Gypsy tune with lots of swing
Misr'y and the Blues – we learned this off an old Jack Teagarden record, and it is one of those tunes you could sit down with and have a nice cold beer, it is really smooth
Lomir Zich Iberbetn is a great Yiddish song about a couple that had an argument and are trying to make up. It is a traditional number to which we added some extra muzik and craziness.
Zog Es Mir Nokh a Mol A love song, the title means “Tell me once Again” . We also move at the end of this sweet and lovely song into a crazy little up tempo tune from Moldavia called Zhokul Rezeshilor.

For your further listening pleasure, we are happy to present some LIVE recordings from January 12, 2013 at the Press Club in Portland Oregon – enjoy!

Madre Mia Si Mi Muero A Sephardic love song
Ou Sont Tous Mes Amant A song by the great French chanteuse of the early 20th century, Frehel.
Petit Fleur We continue with the French theme, by way of New Orleans, with the classic Sidney Bechet tune
Oy Mame, Bin Ikh Farlibt Another great Yiddish tune, the title of which means ‘Oy Mama, I am in Love!’
Mucho Ojo The greatest song by the Argentina’s Yiddish Tango sensation, Jevel Katz . We believe we are the only band in North America performing this song, and want to say a special thanks to fabulous Global Shtetl Band for help on translating the lyrics, which are a combination of Yiddish and Spanish slang.
Tres Hermanicas A very old and beautiful Sephardic song about three sisters
Vuszhe Vils Tu The classic dilemma: the father wants the daughter to marry one kind of man, the daughter has other ideas. We pair this with the best known Jewish wedding song, Koshn Kale Mazl Tov.
Yo Hanino Tu Hanina More Sephardic loveliness.
Papirosen It doesn’t get any more Yiddish than this, the classic mixture of fear, hope and survival. Lyrics here!